What is Androgynous Style?

Androgynous Clothing - Being Gender Free

Maybe you have friends who dress androgynously. Perhaps you’ve heard about androgynous style, or maybe you’re experimenting with androgynous fashion yourself. But what is androgynous fashion? Sometimes, it can seem like it’s all over the map and hard to define.

Simply put, Androgynous style refers to clothing and accessories that fall outside of the typical “female or male” gender norms. 

Two common examples of this include men wearing skirts and women wearing ties.

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However, androgynous style is more than that—androgynous means you’re free to express yourself through your clothing, regardless of society’s gender roles and expectations.

Keep reading to find out more about androgynous style and androgynous fashion, and how you can start dressing more androgynous:

Androgynous Defined

Androgynous literally means “both male and female.” It can also mean “not male or female.” The word comes from the combination of the Greek words andre- (man) and gune (woman). 

What is androgynous? Androgynous is a word used to describe any person or item that isn’t clearly gendered. The most common use of this word is in fashion: androgynous style isn’t specifically male or female. Androgynous fashion can be worn by both men and women.

What is an androgynous person?

Androgynous usually describes appearance. It doesn’t usually describe gender identity. Individuals can identify as male, female, non-binary, or any other gender and still dress in androgynous fashion!

What is an androgynous lifestyle?

At its core, “androgynous” means we aren’t tied to societal expectations of gender. It means we can be who we are, express what we feel, and live how we want regardless of what other people say. 

To many of us, “androgynous” means “freedom.”

Androgynous fashion

What is androgynous fashion?

Androgynous fashion is a style that isn’t masculine or feminine. People who dress in androgynous clothing try to avoid sticking to one gender stereotype in their style.

Androgynous style

Androgynous style combines fashion trends from both masculine and feminine clothing. The result is sleek, stylish clothing that is neither masculine nor feminine. 

Androgynous style pushes us to go beyond the gender binary to dress how we want, in whatever colors or prints or cuts or pieces make us happy—no matter how we identify.

What is androgynous style? There are a few things that are common in mainstream androgynous fashion. 

These include:

  • Straight lines
  • Playing down gendered features
  • Classic cuts
  • Subdued colors
  • Minimalistic prints

However, if you stick to the “rules” of mainstream androgynous clothing, you’re missing the point. The groundbreaking thing about androgynous clothing is it refuses to follow societal rules. So if you like bold prints or usually-gendered cuts, go for it! 

True androgynous style means dressing in any style you want—as long as it isn’t ruled by gender.

Androgynous clothing brands

Shopping for non-binary fashion? Thanks to social progress, more and more androgynous fashion companies have started popping up in recent years.

Our favorite androgynous clothing brand is Collect. We’re just a little biased. 

The Collect androgynous clothing brand is all about pushing boundaries, taking risks, and embracing your true self. 

Take a look around at our online shop for androgynous and non-binary clothing! We love helping people embrace who they are and live their life to the fullest, regardless of societal gender expectations.

How do you wear androgynous fashion?

There are a few easy steps to wearing androgynous fashion. 

These are:

  1. Pick out clothing you like
  2. Don’t worry about gender stereotypes
  3. Dress with confidence!

That’s it! It’s simple, easy, and fun. No rule says that you need to wear blazers, suspenders, t-shirts, or anything else. The point of androgynous fashion is to express yourself fully and true to who you are as a person.

Need more inspiration? If you want to dress in more gender-neutral clothing, it can sometimes be hard to come up with outfit ideas. We’ve listed some of our favorites below to help you out.

Androgynous mens’ fashion

Androgynous fashion for men usually includes a mix of styles, like:

  • Skirts
  • Jeans
  • Blouses
  • Fitted shirts
  • Loose shirts
  • Vests
  • Blazers
  • And more

The key to mastering androgynous male fashion is balance. Try wearing a floral blouse with earth-tone tailored slacks. Add a structured blazer over a fitted top. Wear a statement necklace instead of a tie. With the right balance, you can easily achieve a gender-neutral style.

How to look androgynous with curves

Choosing to dress androgynously doesn’t mean you have to give up your beautiful curves! You can show off your hips, accentuate your waist, or bring attention to your bust if that makes you happy. Androgynous fashion doesn’t have rules.

However, not everyone wants to dress for their curves. If you’re looking for a more gender-neutral silhouette, keep reading for our best tips.

How to dress androgynous if you have a bigger bust:

  • Structured blazers, jackets, and vests
  • Sweaters layered over button-downs 
  • Flattening sports bras
  • Boatneck tops
  • Heavier fabrics, like tweed and leather

How to dress androgynous if you have wide hips:

  • Longer coats that cover the hips
  • Tailored slacks
  • Loose-fitting pants, like sweatpants and harem pants
  • Skirts

Androgynous formal wear

The best way to find androgynous formal wear is to try on lots of different styles. Blazers, slacks, skirts, and even button-downs come in a variety of cuts and materials. Experimenting with different clothes can help you find which androgynous style works best for your body and personality.

If you’re looking for a straight, boxy silhouette, try a blazer or suit jacket from the mens’ department and straight-leg slacks.

To add a traditionally-feminine flair to your outfit, experiment with statement necklaces, floral prints, and makeup.

In the end, it’s all about wearing what makes you happy.

Final thoughts about androgynous style

Androgynous style isn’t for everyone. Some people enjoy dressing within their gender binary. But for many of us, the gender binary is a box we don’t want to fit into. It’s restrictive. It’s frustrating. And it’s unnecessary.

If you’re thinking about trying androgynous fashion, go for it! It’s unbelievably freeing to express yourself without restraint. Who knows? Maybe you’ll learn more about yourself along the way.