1. What makes you in the mood to create?

Creating is almost like breathing. It’s just a vital part of me, but I am the type of artist who creates in a state of love - that means, I’m not one that feels the need to express pain, or suffering - but rather all the good things that fill me up inside. Whenever I allow myself to slow down, contemplate my surroundings - especially nature - my heart is filled with inspiration, which then overflows out of love into the different surfaces. This is the pure intimate expression. However, with time, I have learned to channel my creativity to when I have jobs and deadlines too.
I believe we can wire our brains, to connect ourselves to all the good feelings and memories inside of us, and just use it in our favor whenever we need to.

2. Who or what influences your work?

Life itself. I see beauty and compositions everywhere. I love to explore movements in general - from nature, to reflexes, patterns. I also dive a lot into contemporary dances, to watch bodies move in a complex and so fluid way. It amazes me.

3. What would you like to say with your art?

I believe much more in touching than saying. That means, I like to give the space to people to connect to the art and feel - whatever they must feel at that time in space. Art has the power to transform, from inside out - and the other way around too. I love using art as a tool, to create the space to allow that connection. It’s all about an exchange - so rather a dialogue, then me saying something through it.

4. What parts of yourself are represented with your art?

My art is a constant balance of my rational and emotional side, organic and geometric, of a wild creativity with a touch of discipline, fillings and voids, chaos and order, of macro and micro visions of different subjects. I see life as a big system, with parts that are constantly moving, according to their evolution. We are all interconnected, and this vision is also very present in my work. There are no loose pieces somehow. When you watch a piece of my work - even if abstract or figurative - you will find all these elements mixed in a harmonious way - as if they just belong there. There is a high complexity and movement in every piece. A macro image that from afar creates a moving mass, and from close by, has an infinite amount of details that build up the bigger picture. From straight to curved lines. There is a beginning and an ending.

Art has the power to transform, from inside out - and the other way around too.

5. What do you hope to inspire in others?

My art, since I’m a child, has been a moment of connection to my higher self. It has a very therapeutically effect, almost like an active meditation. It calms me, so there is a big intention when I create, to pass along this moment of calmness and love. To create the space for other humans to take a step back from their daily routines - to just be, in the present moment. To take a moment of silence and contemplation. To forget about their worries and connect to an art or to a cause. I believe the art is a powerful tool for transformation. From inside out and from outside inwards too. I have the aim to use art not only for my personal transformation, but also to provoke others, to create awareness towards important issues, to question the status quo, and open for our personal and collective evolution.

6. What does your process look and feel like?

It’s a calming and energizing process at the same time. To put out my thoughts, opinions, emotions, to a surface. I feel like a translator from the world that surrounds me. I am like a walking antenna that captures everything that is alive around me and somehow catches my attention. I take it all in. I breathe through it, process it, connect it to my own life experience, and then - when I create the space for the silence and for these connections to happen - it flows all out in a smooth and strong way at the same time. This process of taking it in and connecting the points usually takes longer than the art itself, which happens totally in the moment. There is only an idea in my head, but I leave the results opens to what I am feeling at that specific moment in time and space, connected to the surrounding I’m in. It is a process of letting go of whatever beliefs, fears or attempt of control that could come up - and I surrender to the acceptance that that moment is inevitable, and everything will happen the way it has to.


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